Stainless steel skewers


Stainless steel skewers

Product Name : Stainless steel skewers
Product Size (Approx.) : 210mm / 165mm / 120mm
Product Material : Stainless steel
Product Origin : Japan
Product Made : China

⚠ Precautions for use ⚠
●This product is used to serve dishes. Do not use it for any other purpose.
●Do not place near fire. The product may become hot and may cause burns. Make sure there is no rattling or damage before using.
●Do not touch the tip when removing it from the package. There is a risk of injury to your hands or fingers. Due to the characteristics of the product, the tip is sharp. When using, be careful not to touch the tip. Especially, do not touch it with your child’s hands. Never touch it with your bare hands during or immediately after cooking. If heated for a long time, the product will become hot and may cause burns.
●Do not use on hard foods such as frozen foods. There is a risk of product damage or injury. Due to the structure of the product, the edges are sharp. When using, do not squeeze the edge. There is a risk of injury.
Do not apply excessive force such as using it to pry open the lid of the can. There is a risk of product damage or injury. Do not drop it or hit it against a hard object to give it a strong impact. There is a risk of product deformation or damage. If it is deformed or damaged, do not repair or modify it, and stop using it immediately.

⚠ Care and storage ⚠
●When using for the first time, wash thoroughly with dish detergent before using. After use, wash thoroughly with dish detergent, etc., and wipe off any water before storing.
●Washing with a scrubbing brush or scouring powder may cause scratches.
●Do not leave it with moisture or dirt on it or in contact with dissimilar metals. Also, do not store in a humid place. It may cause rust.
● Keep out of reach of small children.