Waste oil treatment pack


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Waste oil treatment pack

Barcode : CGCGJCDOH3187
Content : 1 box (2pcs)
Origin : Japan
Material : polyester
Size : 165 × 120 ×100 mm

How to use :
Pull along the perforations and separate the top and bottom of the outer box. Do not discard the top and bottom of the outer box, as they are used as receiving boxes. Place the bag in the bowl, open it with the mouth facing outward, and pour the regular oil on the non-woven fabric little by little. Fold the mouth of the bag inside in the order of the polygonal line, peel off the tape at the end, seal tightly, and leave the outer box and bag of the rate in the pan of the pan. Let’s put it in the bag while running.

Weight 0.178 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 12.0 × 10 cm


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